Collection Policy

The collections of the Mainfränkisches Museum are restricted regionally to the administrative district of Lower Franconia with the centre of Würzburg and adjoining towns and districts. The collections range from the earliest evidence of human existence in the region up to the mid-19th century in visual arts, giving examples up to the present day in arts and crafts and the city history of Würzburg. The collections are arranged in terms of art history and cultural history and are of a high artistic quality, often with international standing. Less intricately designed evidence of social and economic history, which was later produced industrially, i.e. the day-to-day and working worlds or the “simple life” are largely discounted. The artistic quality is the feature of the collection. Exceptions come in the form of the archaeological collection and parts of the city history collection. Additions to the collection should satisfy all three of the above criteria. The collections of the Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg are

- primarily limited to Lower Franconia,
- historical and
- of a quality and relevance relating to art history and cultural history.

Art collections of individual persons, families and associations from Lower Franconia or Würzburg bear testament to the cultural maintenance of the city and region and are part of the museum collections or should be accepted as new additions. This also includes special collections with items, which depart Lower Franconia in their provenance, if their collector is important to the history of Lower Franconia or Würzburg. Such received private and special collections are considered completed and are only expanded to include Lower Franconian examples in exceptional circumstances.

Currently, the traditional fields of collection at the Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg are defined as "open", as they include paintings, sculpture, arts and crafts, instruments, military memorabilia, coins, graphics, archaeology and curiosities. They are collected passively, i.e. a new acquisition depends on the offer, financial opportunities and urgency. Items of the most recent and current arts and crafts are included in the collection as exemplars. This is also the case with items relating to Würzburg city history.

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