Beil und Axt aus Stein, 5. Jahrtausend v. Ch.


The archaeological collection with evidence of the prehistory and early history of Main-Franconia leads from the Palaeolithic Age into late Middle Age through more than 1000 exhibits. The discovery of a chain with drilled human teeth is unique for the cult and rituals connected with the disposal of the dead in the Neolithic Age. The plentiful hoards from the Urnfield period deserve particular mention, especially the discoveries from the high plateau of the Bullenheimer Berg. A cremation grave near Acholshausen contained the most important part of the collection exhibited here: the bronze miniature model of a large wagon from the time around 1000 B.C.


Münzfund von Röttingen Detail

Coin Find in Röttingen

12th/13th century

Brillenspirale Detail

Jewellery from the Bronze Age

13th century B.C.

Bügelfibeln Detail

Bow Fibula

Around 600

Rüsselbecher Detail

Claw Bowl

6th century


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