Türmeruhr, Deutschland, 14. - 17. Jahrhundert

Arts and Crafts

From the very beginning, arts and crafts were a focus of the collection at the Mainfränkisches Museum. Outstanding examples of furniture, glazed earthenware, clocks, gold and silverware had already been collected by the Kunst- und Altertumsverein (Art and Antiquity Association) before the museum was founded in 1913. Particularly impressive exhibits include the furniture of the court carpenter Carl Maximilian Mattern, of which a bureau, a vestry cabinet and a clock case are exhibited. The extensive collection of glazed earthenware is housed in a special exhibition, which was created by the first director of the museum, August Stöhr. Despite some losses in the war, it is still one of the most significant collections of South-German handmade manufactured products. The large collection of Ansbach glazed earthenware by the “Green Family” and the outstanding examples of pitchers by Nuremberg Hausmaler (freelance painters who worked from home) also deserve special mention. Wrought-iron chests, gold-plated window fittings from the residence of Johann Georg Oegg, an astronomic, geographic longcase clock with an equation of time from approx. 1760, a Hoyss clock with carillon, a cone pendulum clock, a clock with Franklin clock face and the world-famous watchman’s clock, whose oldest components come from the 14th century are further highlights of the craft in the Mainfränkisches Museum. A large tapestry from the Würzburg Gobelins Manufactory, Würzburg porcelain and items made of glass, tin, gold, silver and ceramics together with colourful Franconian costumes and a cooperage round off the collection.


Tracht Detail

Festive Ochsenfurt Costumes

Franconia, end of 19th century

Proportionalzirkel Detail

Proportional Dividers

Balthasar Neumann, 1713

Porzellangeschirr Detail

Porcelain Dishes

Würzburg, 1775/80


Winegrowers’ Parlour

End of 16th century


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