Kürschnerhof in Würzburg, William Callow, 1848


The graphic collection at the Mainfränkisches Museum is focussed mainly on topography. The majority of the inventory is formed by pages with views of the entire region of Main-Franconia and, especially, the city of Würzburg. On the other hand, there are relatively few drawings and free-hand art prints. From the 20th century, the Mainfränkisches Museum collects documents relating to the destruction of Würzburg during the night of bombardment on 16th March 1945. The printed general views of Würzburg from the 15th to the 19th century are available in 148 depictions, with virtually no gaps. The detailed views from old Würzburg comprise more than 500 different views. Both the overall and detailed views are collected in four collection catalogues. The most important complex of the graphic collection of the Mainfränkisches Museum is the Eckert collection of plans from the Balthasar Neumann construction office. They were published in 1987 for a special exhibition. The plans, whose origin can be clearly traced back to Balthasar Neumann, are a high-ranking source for architectural research. Further focal points of the graphic collection of the Mainfränkisches Museum are views of Franconia, especially from the 19th century. In particular, there are portraits of the Würzburg Prince-Bishops and personalities from Würzburg history to be seen. In addition, the collection contains pages of calendars and theses, together with miscellaneous items and curiosities, such as the splendid craftsmen’s diplomas from the 18th century, painted on parchment, advertising stamps, devotional images, and watercolours and prints of traditional costumes. There is also a drawn herbarium with about 1200 pages from the library of Greifenstein Castle near Bonnland. Johann Heinrich Tiemeroth, the doctor and medical professor at the University of Erfurt, drew the pages in the first half of the 18th century. They show domestic and exotic plants and are furnished with corresponding botanical information. The items in the graphic collection cannot be displayed constantly in the exhibition rooms of the Mainfränkisches Museum for reasons of conservation. But there is the opportunity to have the pages and study them in peace if you agree an appointment with a member of staff.

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Kürschnerhof in Würzburg,(Furriers’ Yard in Würzburg), part thereof
William Callow, 1848
Image: Elmar Hahn Studios

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