"Acquired from Seligsberger Witwe, Würzburg, Johanniterplatz"

The significance of the Seligsberger art and antiques shop for the Mainfränkisches Museum’s collections

23rd October 2015 – 18th March 2016

“Seligsberger – Eine jüdische Familie und ihr Möbel- und Antiquitätenhaus”
(A Jewish Family and its Furniture and Antiques Shop)

... is the title of the exhibition, which the Johanna-Stahl-Zentrum Würzburg is dedicating to the Seligsberger family and their art shop. As part of Nazi persecution, it vanished from Würzburg and was completely forgotten after the Second World War, although it was once an important part of the urban culture in Würzburg.

In its contribution to this exhibition, the Mainfränkisches Museum under the title of “erworben bei Seligsberger Witwe, Würzburg, Johanniterplatz” (Acquired from Seligsberger Witwe, Würzburg, Johanniterplatz) with a leitmotif running through its display rooms makes reference to the importance of this furniture and antiques shop for the creation of its collections.

As far as is known today, the city of Würzburg or the Fränkische Kunst- und Altertumsverein (Franconian Art and Antiquity Association) acquired 158 items from “Seligsberger Witwe.” between 1897 and 1919. This includes two sculptures by Tilmann Riemenschneider, baroque sculptures, countless pieces of glazed earthenware, small and large pieces of furniture, silverware and porcelain. This is a just a snapshot as the recording of inventory at the Mainfränkisches Museum is still not completed – due to the immense losses suffered during the war. Up to now, countless exhibited works of art of the highest quality attest to the significance of the art shop with its international reputation. Special reference is now made to these items in the permanent exhibition of the Mainfränkisches Museum. “erworben bei Seligsberger Witwe” is the leitmotif of a museum tour, which highlights the significance of this forgotten Jewish art and antiques shop.


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