GardenArt – The Art in the Garden. The Garden in the Art

12 June to November 2018

Gardens have always been created not only for the cultivation of woody plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables, but also for edification. The productive forces of nature and man come together in the garden. Vegetable growth and artistic design merge into various forms of garden, ranging from the small, walled private garden through the geometrically landscaped garden with enclosed areas to the artistic landscape.

The garden of longing is seen as a paradise, the seat of the gods, a rural idyll, a place of retreat and feelings. Different garden designs visualise and embody the changing Zeitgeist and changing tastes. They also provide information on how people deal with nature and the importance they attach to it.

The collections of the Museum für Franken contain numerous works that show the changeable relationship between man and nature. In art, the two meet – and man always remains behind in the hope of being as creative as nature.

On the occasion of the State Garden Show in Würzburg, seven “pavilions” which are integrated into the museum tour are dedicated to the topics “Gods in the Garden,”  “The Discovery of the Landscape,” “Garden of Paradise,” “Art and Nature,” “Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim as a Garden Fanatic,” “The Rural Idyll” and “The Garden as a Romantic Place.”

Beautiful faiences on the theme of garden and plants will also be exhibited in the special exhibition hall. “Garden and Art” will thus merge: people transferred their longing into works of art whose beauty we can still enjoy today.rausstellungsraum herrliche Fayencen rund um das Thema Garten und Pflanzen ausgestellt sein. So verschmelzen „Garten und Kunst“: Die Menschen bannten ihre Sehnsucht in Kunstwerke, an deren Schönheit wir uns noch heute erfreuen können.

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