Object Identification/ Art Consultation Hours


The opinion of expert academics on your private art objects

The first Wednesday in every month, 14:00 - 16:00
Telephone registration required on +49 (0) 931-20594 0

If you simply want to know what your favourite historical piece is, then make an appointment in the Art Consultation Hours. The employees in the Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg are specialised in Franconian art from the early eras through into the 19th century. Modern artwork does not fall into the remit of the Mainfränkisches Museum! If the staff at the Mainfränkisches Museum do not know, they will at least be able to pass on details of other specialists and institutions. Please note that as employees of a public institution, the museum staff are not allowed to value your items. They are also not permitted to write any expert reports, which could subsequently be submitted to the art trade.

Opening Hours

Museum für Franken
Staatliches Museum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte
incl. Museum im Fürstenbau

1st April to 31st October
10 - 17
1st November to 31st March
10 - 16
Closed on Mondays
Opening hours on public holidays


Museum für Franken
Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte

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Telephone +49 (0)931-20594 0
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