For Our Youngest Visitors

“Im Bild” – In the Picture - A program for kids aged 3 to 4

Guided tours and children birthdays parties are currebtly not possible.

“Im Bild” – In the Picture – is a programme for first-time discoverers, aged 3 to 4, of our museum. It was developed in close cooperation with the Lindflur kindergarten and is perfectly attuned to the needs and experiences of children in this age group. The children are accompanied on their tour through the museum by a museum educator and our mascot Mimi. There is of course a lot to touch, try and experience.

Very important: every child should bring a picture of him/herself and his/her Mum!

Duration: 45 minutes
Group: max. 15 children
Cost: 60 Euro (inc. material)




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Museum für Franken
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