Geschichte erleben

Experience History up Close and Personal!

This is where history comes to life. Children learn about the past through playing and discover interesting and informative facts about the different exhibits at the museum.


War. Destruction. Remembrance. - Würzburg and the 16th March

The bombing raid in the Second World War and its consequences


Glory and Splendour – Würzburg’s Life in the Baroque Era

Baroque works of art provide insights into their period of origin.


From the Bishop’s Mitre to the Circle of Stars - How Würzburg’s Cityscape has developed

How can history be derived from Würzburg’s cityscape?


Sculptor and citizen of Würzburg - Tilman Riemenschneider

Facts from the life of the artist help to understand his work.


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Museum für Franken
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Department of City History in the Fürstenbaumuseum
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Museum für Franken
Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte

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