Historische Küchengeräte

Everyday Life in the Past

Historical items from everyday life and other exhibits provide interesting insights into the design of various areas of life before our time. Whether Baroque pen or winepresses – every exhibit tells its own stories about history.


Dolls, Marbles, Horses – Games of Yesteryear

Historic children’s games to try for yourself


Twas Hard – Kitchen and Household of Yesteryear

Insights into housework without any modern kitchen aids


Numbers, Clock Hands, Gears – Clocks in the Museum

From elementary clocks to complicated mechanisms – timekeeping through...


Gold and Money – Treasures in the Museum

All that glitters is not gold ...


Opening Hours

Museum für Franken
Staatliches Museum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte

1st April to 31st October
10 - 17
1st November to 31st March
10 - 16
Closed on Mondays
Opening hours on public holidays

Department of City History in the Fürstenbaumuseum
16th March to 31st October
10 - 17
Closed 1st November to
15th March
Closed on Mondays


Museum für Franken
Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte

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